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Our Story

Everard Lee (E. Lee) Davenport hails from a line of five Texan men who share the name. Now, I share it with E.LEEGAL Hot Sauce.

My Dad, Everard Davenport IV, shared his love of salsa with me and enjoys a great plate of chiles rellenos. His father, Everard Davenport III, deeply appreciated huevos rancheros and migas. My grandfather's maternal grandfather ran a hotel and restaurant south of the border in Monterrey, Mexico. According my grandfather, the family has been living in what was then Mexico, and what is now Texas, since the 1820's. Can a love for hot sauce and spicy foods be genetic AND learned? Maybe. 

Both Lee and Jill are passionate about making tasty food for people we love and we decided to make gifts of sauce. If you are reading this, enjoy our limited run!

Our People

Made in DC


Each weekend this summer and fall, we visited DC-area farmer's market vendors to grab the best local, organic produce.


Check out these great vendors:




We fuckin' DECIMATED this sauce. So delicious!!

Jeremy & Nadia

Holy shit. I think it got hotter in the bottle since last week. 

Steve Sheppard

#eleegal_nachos and #eleegal_turkeymeatballs!!

Arnold Liyai

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